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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides short-term education, prevention and intervention services to students K-12 to build life, social and coping skills. Our top 5 contact reasons are Anger Management, Academic, Anxiety, Family and Relationship Issues.

The goal of SAP is to provide students the support they need and an opportunity to learn life skills so they may achieve greater success in school and in life.

Services are provided on school campuses by means of:

  1. Individual sessions
  2. Group sessions
  3. Classroom presentations
  4. Conflict mediations
  5. Community referrals

Individual sessions are typically 30-45 minutes in length. Student Assistance Program services are designed to be temporary and individual sessions are generally limited to one session per week for 6-8 weeks. This allows the provider to see more students throughout the year. Additionally, SAP services should not be considered therapy.  If a student needs long term services, a referral to a therapist or appropriate mental health organization is made either prior to or at the completion of SAP services.

Eligibility Requirements

The student must be enrolled in school and have written parent/guardian consent to services.


Emily Stevenson
Program Coordinator
(209) 526-1476 ext. 137
FAX: (209) 526-0908

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School Sites List

School Sites

We are currently providing services at 77 schools for the 2017/2018 school year.

Download the SAP School Site List (PDF)


Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Blaker-Kinser 556-1810 M, W, Th
Central Valley 556-1900 M, W, F
Ceres High 556-1920 M, W, F
Cesar Chavez  556-1830  M-W
 Mae Hensley 556-1820 M, W, F
Whitmore Charter 556-1610 Th


Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Hughson High 883-0469 W, F


Graduation Coach Program
Downey  576-4211 M-F
Intervention Center
Beyer 574-1647 M-F
Davis 574-1668 M-F
Downey 576-4211 M-F
Enochs 574-1719 M-F
Gregori 574-1738 M-F
Hanshaw 574-1794 M-F
Johansen 574-1760 M-F
La Loma 574-1906 M-F
Mark Twain 576-4814 M-F
Modesto High 576-4401 M-F
Roosevelt 576-4871 M-F
PeaceBuilders Center
Bret Harte 576-4673 M-F
Orville Wright 574-8462 M-F
Resiliency and Prevention Program (RaPP)
Bret Harte  576-4673  M, W
Shackelford 574-8422  F
Agnes Baptist 527-0450 M, F
Beard 574-1942 M, W, F
Beyer 574-1647 M-F
Bret Harte 576-4673 M-F
Burbank 574-1962 M, W, Th, F
Chrysler 529-5430 Tu, Th
Davis 574-1668 M-Th
Dieterich 550-8400 Tu, F
Downey 576-4211 M-F
Eisenhut 527-7867 M, Tu
El Vista 576-4665 M, W, Th
Elliott Alternative Ed. 576-4005 M-F
Enochs 574-1719 Tu-F
Enslen 574-1982 M-W
Everett 574-1992 Tu-Th
Fairview 574-8102 M-F
Franklin 574-8112 Tu-F
Fremont 574-8122 M, T, Th
Garrison 574-8132 M, W, F
Great Valley Modesto 576-2283 M-F
Hanshaw 574-1794 M-F
Johansen 574-1760 M-F
Kirschen 576-4611 M-F
La Loma 574-1906 M-F
Lakewood 574-8152 M, Tu, Th
Mark Twain 576-4814 M-F
Marshall 576-4697 M, Tu, W, F
Martone 574-8172 M-F
Modesto High 576-4401 M, W, Th, F
Muir 574-8182 M-F
Orville Wright 574-8462 Tu, W, F
Prescott 529-9892 Tu, Th
Robertson Road 574-8402 M, W, F
Roosevelt 576-4871 M-F
Rose Ave 574-8412 W-F
Shackelford 574-8422 M, W, F
Sonoma 574-8432 M, W, F
Stanislaus 545-0718 Th, F
Tuolumne 574-8442 M-Th
Wilson 574-8452 Tu, Th, F

Agnes Baptist 527-0450 M, F
Apricot Valley 892-4700 M, T, W, Th, F
Beard 576-4689 M, T, F
Bret Harte 576-4673 M, T, W, Th, F
Brown 634-7231 Th (AM)
Burbank 574-1962 M, T, W, Th
California Avenue  869-2597 W, F
Chrysler 529-5430 M, F
Cloverland 847-4276 Th, F
Crowell 667-0885 Th
Cunningham 667-0794 M,W,F
Dieterich 550-8400 T, F
Northmead 892-4740 M, W, F
Orville Wright 574-8462 M, T, Th
Osborn 667-0893 M
Riverbank (RLA) 869-8093 M, T, Th
Robertson Road 574-8402 M, T, W
Rose 576-8412 W, Th, F
Shackelford 576-4831 M, W, Th
Sierra View 848-4200 T, Th
Sonoma 576-4683 M, W, F
Stanislaus 545-0718 T, Th
Tuolumne 576-4661 M, T, W, Th
Wakefield 667-0895 T, Th (PM), F
Walnut Grove
892-4770 M, T, W, F
Whitmore Charter (K-12) 556-1610 T
Wilson 576-4827 M, W, Th
Blaker-Kinser 556-1810 M, W, F
Cardozo 869-2591 T, F
Cesar Chavez 556-1830 T, W, F
Creekside 892-4710 M, T, W, Th, F
Hanshaw 576-4847 M, T, W, Th, F
La Loma 576-4627 M, T, W, Th, F
Mae Hensley 556-1820 M, T, W
Mark Twain 576-4814 M, T, W, Th, F
Prescott 529-9892 T, Th
Roosevelt 576-4871 M, T, W, Th
Somerset 574-5300 T, F
Beyer 576-4311 M, T, W, Th, F
Central Valley 556-1900 W, Th, F
Ceres High 556-1920 M, W, Th
Davis 574-1668 T, W, Th, F
Del Puerto High 892-4720 M, W, F
Downey 569-2830 M, T, W, Th, F
Elliot 576-4005 Tu, W, Th, F
Enochs 550-3400 T, W, Th, F
Gregori 550-3420 M, T, W, Th, F
Hughson High 883-0469 M, T
Johansen 574-1760 M, T, W, Th, F
Modesto High 576-4401 M, W, Th, F
Open Valley (OVIS)  892-4745 T, Th
Patterson High 892-7450 M, T, W, Th, F
Riverbank High 869-1891 M, T, W, Th, F
Valley Charter 238-6801 M, T, W, Th, F
Waterford High 874-9060 M, T, W, Th, F


“Is SAP considered counseling?”

The Student Assistance Program is similar to counseling services, however, our Student Assistance Specialists provide short term services, 6-8 weeks in length, and refer students and families out to off site resources for continued long term care.

“Is SAP cost effective?”

Center for Human Services pays for trainings, workers compensation, and benefits for Student Assistance Specialists. We also have a trained Supervision Team to answer questions that may arise and to offer consultation on difficult cases. SAP has had a positive impact on school attendance which in the long run saves schools money.

“How do schools pay for SAP service?”

School sites use a variety of funding sources to pay for Student Assistance Program. Sites can use funding from School Improvement Fund (SIP), Title I, Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) entitlement, among other funding sources. Some creative funding sources other school districts have used to fund SAP include: gathering business sponsors in your school district such as real estate firms, PTA sponsorships or combining with other schools in your district to share a Student Assistance Specialist. The school contracts vary from 5 days a week to ½ days per week of service.

“What students can use this service?”

Any student enrolled at your school site is eligible for services with signed parent/guardian permission.

“How are students referred to SAP?”

Student referrals vary depending on school site. Teacher, parent, staff, administrator, and student referrals are all welcome. Depending on the needs of your school, referrals can go directly to the Student Assistance Specialist, or be filtered through the site contact person.

“What are examples of SAP services?”

Services include one-on-one individual sessions, group sessions, conflict mediations, classroom presentations, teacher trainings, community referrals and parent contacts. Student Assistance Specialists can be utilized for suspension reduction programs (a reduction of the suspension time for a student in exchange for completing services) so that your students are in school, making every day count.

“Will this program take up a lot of my time?”

A Student Assistance Specialist is a trained individual who is ready to start on day one to help your students and staff. Your Student Assistance Specialist will keep you informed of the students on his/her caseload, and consult with you as frequently as you feel necessary. He/she is trained and supervised by our Student Assistance Program supervision team, requiring minimal administrative duties on your part.

“What are the qualifications to be a Student Assistance Specialist?”

Student Assistance Specialists are required to have a BA in the Human Services field. Every Student Assistance Specialist is fully trained prior to starting at your school site, and is ready to begin on day one. Center for Human Services provides opportunities for ongoing trainings to ensure that your Student Assistance Specialist is well versed in up to date information to guarantee top notch services for your students.

“Can my Student Assistance Specialist meet with a student without a signed permission slip?”

Your Student Assistance Specialist can meet with students in crisis situations one time without a signed permission slip. In this instance, the Student Assistance Specialist will call to receive verbal consent from the parent over the phone.

“What if a student is suicidal or homicidal?”

A Student Assistance Specialist is able to meet with a suicidal or homicidal student to do a preliminary screening. If an assessment for suicidal or homicidal ideation is needed, the Student Assistance Specialist will refer to their site contact person or their designated representative to make the decision about how to proceed.

“Can my Student Assistance Specialist meet with parents?”

A Student Assistance Specialist is able to meet with parents to give support and referrals that will benefit the student and family. All of our Student Assistance Specialists are trained to facilitate a Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM) Family Conference, where the Student Assistance Specialist meets with the guardian and the student, conducts an interview, and creates an action plan tailored to the individual family to best meet their needs. The Student Assistance Specialist will connect the family with outside resources and agencies as needed to help the family be successful. Follow-up to the Family Conference includes individual student sessions and brief family contacts.

“How can I get SAP services at my school?”

If you would like to have the Student Assistance Program at your school, please have your site administrator call us to discuss the details.