Center for Human Services’ Mental Health Clinic is proud to announce we are now accepting American Behavioral and Blue Shield Insurance.  Counseling Services are still available through our sliding fee (payment based on income and size of household) and to Medi-Cal and Healthy Families insurance holders as well. The addition of American Behavioral and Blue Shield Insurance means that our individual, family and couples counseling is now more accessible to more people in our community.  Program Staff is working on getting our Mental Health Clinic approved with other insurance groups so that we can accept even more privately insured people.  More updates to follow as we learn about how we can continue expand our reach.

In similar, but other news, counseling services offered through our Sliding Fee Clinic in Modesto’s McHenry Village location will also be made available in Oakdale through the Oakdale Family Resource and Counseling Center.  Oakdale area residents can now access individual, couples and family counseling services at our Oakdale location located at 631 W. F Street.  Please contact them for additional information or to make your appointment today!

General information on Center for Human Services and our Mental Health Department:

Center for Human Services has a history of offering a wide variety of Mental Health Programs that provide counseling, support, education and case management services to children, families and couples.  Mental Health Services are provided at various school sites throughout Stanislaus County, as well as Family Resource Centers and the CHS Community Counseling Clinic.  Clinical services include assessment and on-going treatment for a variety of issues including: depression, anxiety, anger, parenting skills, behavioral issues, life skills, coping skills, relational issues, grief/loss issues, etc. Our Case Management services support and assist clients in linking with other agencies (which may include transporting client), as well as helping clients with behavioral interventions or skill building.  Our Parent Mentors provide support and education for the parents of our clients.

 CHS provides group counseling for qualified Medi-Cal clients, and also provides groups in our Sliding Scale Fee Clinic.  These services are provided by highly skilled Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapists Interns and Trainees, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Associate Clinical Social Workers.

CHS is committed to responding to the needs of our communities and is proud to collaborate with other organizations to provide Family Resource Centers (FRC). These FRC’s are established in communities and neighborhoods throughout Stanislaus County so that services can be easily accessed, eliminating transportation and other barriers. In Stanislaus County, there are 12 FRC’s  that offer assistance with housing, employment, child health exams, counseling, parenting groups and other basic needs.  There is minimal or no cost for the services provided at the FRC’s.