On March 18th, 2012, 34 year old Miguel Tamayo will take to the streets of Modesto and run his first marathon.  Finishing a marathon has been a goal of Miguel’s for a long time but he’s running for another reason as well.  Several months ago, Miguel started volunteering at Center for Human Services (CHS) – Hutton House, a shelter for 13-17 year olds experiencing crisis.  On March 18th, Miguel is running for them.

Miguel started running only 8 years ago after a second knee surgery.  He was tired of having his knee issues dictate how he lived his life.  He told himself he would make his legs the strongest part of his body and started running.  First a 5K.  Then a 10K.  Now he hopes that some day he can qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Through the Alliance Worknet, Miguel found out about Hutton House and made the decision to volunteer there.   “My favorite part about volunteering at Hutton House is the time I have with the young people there.  Most of these teens just want someone to hear what they have to say,” said Miguel. “I also enjoy the big smile I get every time I take everyone out for ice cream.  Just seems like a small thing that can really brighten up someone’s day.”

Miguel got the idea to run for Hutton House when he registered for the Modesto Marathon.  His mission has two parts; to finish his first marathon and to raise awareness for Hutton House.  He wants more people to know about what they do so that they will donate needed items, money or, like him, their time.  Most importantly he wants people to know that in a time of need, these kinds of services are there to help.

Kate Trompetter, Center for Human Services Marketing/PR Manager said, “CHS is so thankful for volunteers like Miguel.  Many of our programs rely on the generosity of volunteers.  We are especially thankful that Miguel is going the extra mile and helping people understand what we do.  It’s wonderful.”

CHS offers a unique service through Hutton House, our youth crisis shelter for teens ages 13 – 17.  Hutton House opened its doors in 1976 as a six bed, temporary shelter and counseling provider for runaways and youth in crisis.  It is the only one of its kind in the region.  Currently, Hutton House is an eight bed shelter and has served thousands of runaway, homeless and other youth in crisis in our community. In addition to putting a roof over their heads and food on the table, some of the services available to youth and their families include: counseling, alcohol and drug assessments, parent education and referral services.  This past year Hutton House provided assistance to nearly 300 young people from our community.  95% of youth who stayed at Hutton House said they now know they have a safe place to go.

If you would like more information about the services CHS provides, please log onto our website: www.centerforhumanservices.org. CHS is in the business of changing lives, building futures and helping families.

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Kate Trompetter, Marketing/PR Manager

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