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Classes and Groups

Center for Human Services offers a variety of educational classes and support groups throughout Stanislaus County. Please find information below on what we offer and how to attend/register.  Click on the links for flyers and other useful information.

  • Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment – an outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment group for 12-17 year olds.  Currently offered in Modesto and Patterson.
  • Adult Alcohol and Drug Treatment  – an outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment group for adults (18+).  Currently offered in Modesto, Oakdale and Patterson.
  • Anger Management (Adult) – a support group on triggers, personal responsibility, power and control issues and alternative responses.  Currently offered in Modesto.
  • Anger Management (Teens) – a support group for 13-17 year olds where one can learn positive responses to anger and power and control issues.  Currently offered in Modesto.
  • Anxiety and Depression Treatment – an outpatient treatment group dealing with anxiety and depression for adults.  This is an open group and anyone can join at anytime. Currently offered in Modesto.
  • Baby Buds – Currently offered in Oakdale.  An interactive group for parents and their children (0-3 years old).
  • Dance Therapy – Free classes designed to help people know their community, make new friends and to promote health and well-being.  Currently offered at our Newman Family Resource Center.
  • KinderBound– A school readiness group for 3-5 year olds where they can learn the alphabet and numbers, colors and shapes and other appropriate skills.  Currently offered in Newman and Patterson.
  • Lifeplan– a class used to make a difference by providing support and skills to help youth overcome four social epidemics that threaten their success: drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school and gang participation. Currently offered to youth at Patterson High School, Del Puerto High School, Patterson Teen Center and Grayson Community Center.
  • Nutritional Workshops – Offered in Ceres, Newman, Oakdale, and Patterson.  Join us to learn something new about nutrition and your health.
  • Parents and Teens Together – This class is offered at our main office in Modesto.  Some classes also available in Spanish.  Join us with your teen to learn more about communication, anger and violence, negotiation and compromise, stress and substance abuse and more.
  • Ready, Set, Grow – A school readiness class for 4-5 year olds.  Currently offered in Oakdale.