Edible Sponsor File Upload

Your ad and logo file(s) must be in a high resolution JPEG (300 dpi), PDF, or PPT (ads only) format.  Ad space in our continuous video presentation at Edible Extravaganza is reserved for higher level corporate sponsors.  Ads should be optimized for full-page (8.5 x 11) or half-page (4.25 x 5.5) display.

If you have any trouble using this form please contact us, or email your files directly to dholden@centerforhumanservices.org.

Upload Form:

File/Image Resolution:

If you aren’t sure whether your image will be high enough resolution, take a look at the file size.  Higher resolution images and files are typically larger in file size.  For example, a high resolution jpg of your logo might start at 3.5 MB.   If you file size is smaller, it’s possible it’s at a lower resolution.  Additionally, right clicking and looking at the properties and details of a file may reveal it’s dimensions (in pixels) and resolution.  Again, the higher the dimensions and resolution, the higher the quality.  Please contact your marketing department if you have that resource available to you, and if not, please contact us for further assistance.

For more information contact:

Diana Gonzalez
Fund Development Specialist
(209) 526-1476, ext. 197