“The people who’ve helped me at CHS, it’s unlike any other help I’ve ever received and it’s genuine and it’s loving.” – Amanda

Four years ago, there were days Amanda Godfrey didn’t know how she’d survive. Her husband left their marriage, leaving her with their 1½-year-old son and a depleted savings account. To make matters worse, a chronic neurological disease flared up, making her hands and feet feel like they were on fire.

“I cried every day for three months straight,” Amanda recalled. “From the time I woke up in the morning to the time I went to bed at night. In my emotional state, I was not a good parent. How can a sad person be a good mom? That’s selfish and I refuse to be that type of person to my biggest blessing in the world.”

Someone from a Center for Human Services partner organization suggested she turn to CHS for help.

CHS provided Amanda mental health counseling every week – a service Amanda considers a blessing for her and her son. She developed a bond with her counselor, Anna, knowing that even she faces struggles of her own.

“You have to be able to relate to people you open up to,” Amanda said. “The people who’ve helped me at CHS, it’s unlike any other help I’ve ever received and it’s genuine and it’s loving.”

Amanda also credits CHS for helping her find a comfortable low-income apartment and a play therapy program for her son.

“They really just helped me along every step of the way. I was never alone.”

After four years of counseling, Amanda’s soul is healing and her outlook is bright.

“Each day, I have to make a conscious effort to truly look at the positive side of things so that I can show my 6-year-old son that we can accomplish anything as long as we truly want it.”

Her son continues to be her inspiration and her purpose for surviving. Her counselor, Anna, continues to be her guide.

“I definitely would not be where I am. I would not be with the man I’m with or as happy as I am for the first time in my life,” Amanda said. “I would not be here if I wouldn’t have said, ‘I’m at the lowest point in my life and I need help.’ And that’s all it took. When I said, ‘I need help’, my CHS counselor said, ‘Okay, what can we do?’ Being able to go through therapy each week has been a blessing.”

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