Meet Oscar Cabello.

Many of you know him as a Vice President at Wells Fargo, but he’s also a committed champion for Center for Human Services (CHS). Oscar has contributed to CHS as a capital campaign cabinet member, donor, volunteer and advocate. That’s why we invited him to be part of our I AM Project. We asked him a few questions so you can get to know Oscar and his passion for CHS.

Q: How would you finish this sentence? “I AM…”

A: I am valuable. There are roles for everyone to play and whether I’m volunteering, advocating, or financially supporting, I am doing my part. We are all valuable but are we all doing our part?

Q: What motivated you to get involved in CHS?

A: I believe that helping make families stronger during challenging times is the answer to many of the issues we face today, locally and nationally, like homelessness, domestic violence, and children growing up without fathers in their lives to name a few. CHS is making progress to address these and many more pressing issues plaguing our youth. I want to be part of the solution.

Q: What do you love about how CHS works?

A: What I love most about how CHS works is the way they wrap their resources and those in the community around their clients. They take a holistic, relationship-based approach to helping our families and youth. The CHS team never gives up and they view their clients like family

I AM is a multimedia project showcasing the faces and stories of Center for Human Services (CHS) through photos, words that define their stories and video.