Voices of CHS

Our Stories

We’ve started a blog called Voices of CHS, featuring stories that highlight our people and programs. It is a platform to share personal experiences from clients, staff, volunteers or anyone else who has been impacted through our work. There are many amazing stories posted already including poems written by a resident of Hutton House, an article about one of our Student Assistance Specialists and stories about Parent Education classes.

Visit medium.com/our-voices-center-for-human-services

Share your story

Stories are everywhere.  We weave them everyday through our interactions with others. They make us who we are. We love to share success stories that demonstrate the results of our services and the impact that we have on the lives of our staff, volunteers and clients. However, we have struggled to find an efficient way to log and share these stories within the agency and in our community.

We always welcome submissions! Share your story with us.