Change can happen in the form of retirement at the end of a long career, when accolades come from all around letting you know your time served was well spent (see Amos’ story). Change can happen as an early retirement, when you are able to redirect your energies to new activities that are truly important to you (see Kathryn’s story).

And finally, change can happen as you make a choice to move from what is known and satisfying to what is unknown, but exhilarating (see Kate’s reflections).

With all these changes, our CHS family grows. Amos, Kathryn and Kate will always be a part of our family, but others will step in to continue the work of CHS.

In June, I began the transition from finance to operations, assuming Kathryn’s role as Operations Director. And as I leave the finance department, CHS welcomes Betty Ann Martinho as the new Finance Director.

I am so excited about my new role. I will miss many of the details of finance, but if I don’t step outside my comfort zone I will miss out on opportunities to grow and contribute in a different way.

Our CHS Leadership Framework invites us to “embrace the not knowing.” If you can do that, you don’t work in fear or hesitation but with curiosity, intention, and