The 5 Protective Factors

Social Connections

We connect people to their natural systems of support.

It is important for parents to have social connections outside of their family. These social connections develop and reinforce community norms around child-rearing, provide assistance in times of need and are a resource for parenting information.

To aid families in building these types of networks, the FRCs organize Parent Cafés. Parent Cafés are free, monthly dinners, with childcare included, for families. These cafés are a series of guided conversations to develop community wisdom, build parent voices and facilitate action to improve children’s lives.

Attendees make new friends, share ideas, learn about community resources, set family goals and discover techniques to achieve them. Parents learn from each other; they listen, share experiences and reflect on their own parenting style. Friendships among the parents flourish in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

The support that I’ve received has helped me to strengthen my family and be a better mom, wife and friend. I feel supported and I know my family will be okay, with what I have learned.

Christina’s Story