Center for Human Services is a leader in advocacy and services for youth.

We have a strong youth development philosophy, work often with youth as our partners and provide critical support and programming to address youth related needs. Our many prevention and intervention programs offered throughout Stanislaus County are designed to strengthen and support young people as they navigate their own development and growth.

Please call (209) 526-1476 for additional information.

Our Programs

Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Short-term education, prevention and intervention services to students K-12 to build life, social and coping skills.

Community Youth Connection (CYC)
A youth run, adult supported community service group impacting and changing lives.

Additional Services for Youth

Counseling Services
Counseling, support, and education for children and families.

Adolescent Outpatient Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment Groups
Treatment groups are open to youth ages 13-17.


David Collins
Program Manager
(209) 526-1476 ext. 140
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