Our philosophy of care is what we believe about how people change and grow and what people need for well-being.  Based on those beliefs, our philosophy informs how we work and what we do, as directed by our core organizational values.

1. What People Need for Well-Being:

People need a safe environment and the capacity to protect and support their families.

Relationships create the foundation for well-being and people are healthiest when they have positive connections with others.

Healthy communities create opportunities for people to connect with one another, access natural systems of support, and act together to improve their lives.

2.  What We Believe About Change and Growth:

People have the capacity to change and grow.

We recognize that sometimes people are not ready to change or they encounter barriers to growth; they may act in ways that cause pain and unhappiness for themselves and others.

Positive growth occurs when people choose to utilize their personal strengths to develop new skills, cope more effectively and build better relationships.

As people grow, they become increasingly self-sufficient, optimistic, and resilient.

3.  How We Work:

We provide a caring environment where people are accepted and treated with compassion and respect.

We build partnerships with individuals, families, and communities so we can help them help themselves.

We connect people to their natural systems of sup