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Workforce Development

Program Description

Workforce Development is an employment program that helps adults receiving CalWORKS cash aid to prepare for and obtain employment. We work with job-seekers, workers and businesses to meet their employment needs and contribute to a stronger economy in our county.

Our goal is to help people become employed, transition off public assistance, and build their skills to eliminate any barriers to employment. We also help our participants address other barriers to employment such as substance abuse, homelessness and domestic violence.

For more information or referrals:

Eastside: (209) 322-3673 | Westside: (209) 342-1800


Participants must receive CalWORKs cash aid to participate in the Workforce Development Program. Participation in the program is required for all adult CalWORKs recipients in order to receive their cash aid, unless exempt.


  1. Job Readiness: A three week program designed to help participants be prepared to enter or re-enter the workforce.
  2. Community Service Placement:  Placing participants in part-time or full-time positions with actual employers to gain valuable work experience.
  3. Engagement/Supportive Services: We assist participants with curing sanctions and eliminating barriers to employment.

Service Area

We offer services in the following communities on the east and west sides of Stanislaus County:


  • Newman
  • Patterson
  • Crows Landing
  • Westley
  • Grayson


  • Oakdale
  • Riverbank
  • Waterford
  • Knights Ferry
  • Valley Home

Program Contacts:

Patterson Workforce
Development Office

101 West Las Palmas Ave
Patterson, CA 95363
(209) 342-1800
FAX: (209) 895-4741

Oakdale Workforce
Development Office

1405 W. F Street, Suite I
Oakdale, CA 95361
(209) 322-3545
FAX: (209) 3223537